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Any person 6 years of age & up who lives in Cameron County may obtain a Library card free of charge. Adults must present some form of identification showing their name and local address. A current Pennsylvania driver's license or similar form of identification is acceptable. Children 6 years of age or in 1st Grade may have their own library card. A parent or guardian needs to accompany the child on his or her first visit to the Library and sign the registration card for the child assuming responsibility. If the parent or guardian does not have a current Library card of their own, they must show proof of Cameron County residency before the child can be issued a card.

Persons who are not residents of Cameron County and have no home-based library can obtain a library card by paying a yearly non-resident's fee of $25.00.


Books, audiocassettes and books on CD are loaned for a 3-week period; magazines and pamphlets for 1 week, and DVDs for 2 days.Only the next-to-last issue of a magazine may be borrowed and only 2 magazines at a time.You may borrow 5 items at one time although only 3 videos per adult card are allowed.

A fine of $.25 per day is charged on each overdue item;
A fine of $1.00 per day is charged for each overdue DVD.

You are legally obligated under Pennsylvania law to return all items borrowed.

Materials can be renewed by phone except for items that are on reserve.
Please call the Library at 486-8011.

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