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The Barbara Moscato Brown Memorial Library's entire collection is on the computer. The online catalog allows patrons to search the library's collection by author, title, subject, keyword, series title, and Dewey Decimal call number. The catalog is also available through this website. Click on the “Card Catalog” icon on the “Home” page or on the “Links” page.

Internet Access: The Library provides free public access to the Internet. There is an Internet Use Policy which patrons must follow. Parents or guardians must complete and sign a consent form for children under the age of 16 to allow them to use the Internet. Children under the age of 13 must have a parent or guardian with them while they are using the Internet in the Library. This policy is firmly adhered to.

Online Databases: The Library provides access to several online databases:

EBSCO: a comprehensive periodical and reference database
EBSCO’s Searchasaurus: a search engine for elementary and middle school students
Encyclopedia Americana Online: over 45,000 articles plus bibliographies, tables, maps, and continuously updated links to related sites
SIRS Discoverer.Deluxe: an interactive reference tool for young readers including full text articles. World Almanac for Kids and more
Associated Press Photo Archive: an archive of 500,000 current & historical photographs

Home Access to Online Databases:

• Cameron County Public Library users can access the EBSCO, EBSCO's Searchasaurus, SIRS Discoverer, and Americana Online databases directly from their home computer. To use these databases, Library patrons must have a current library card, request their POWER LIBRARY CODE from the Library and click on the Access POWER icon on our "Links" page.

All comptuer services are available free of charge to the public except for a $.25 fee for each page printed.

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