April Family
Reading Challenge

Starting April 1st, join us for our April Family Reading Challenge. We had so many awesome volunteers read their favorite stories for this event, so make sure you join us!

This is a wonderful opportunity to get your family together each evening for a fun book, and it is perfect for all you children (babies, preschoolers, elementary age). And you get a free book just for finishing the challenge!

Calendars needed to participate in the challenge will be available to pick up at the library. Or download one below and print it out at home!

Links to each video will be added to this page as they are posted and you do not need to have a Facebook account to view them on our page.

If you cannot make it to pick one up, please just let us know and we can email a copy to you.

Story Hour will be integrated into the videos. Each week, Miss Alex will continue to read two stories, and craft materials will be available at the library.

If you do not normally participate in Story Hour but would like to get the craft, please just let us know ahead of time to make sure we have enough materials prepared.