Seed Library Now Active!

Welcome to the Barbara Moscato Brown Memorial Library Seed Library and Exchange!

We now have seeds available for checkout with a library card! See our complete list of available seeds below. Checked out seeds do not need to be returned.

We are currently accepting any non-gmo vegetable and fruit varieties as well as some flowers. Please review the DCNR list of invasive species below under “Gardening Resources” before donating any flowers.

Those interested in donating seeds can begin the process by downloading the “Seed Library Donation Sign Up” and “Seed Donation” forms below. 

Please Note: As this is a free, donation-based service, we can never guarantee the quantity, availability, or germination rate of our seeds. All donations are attested to be non-hybrid and non-GMO seed varieties.

Available Seeds Vegetables Fruit Beets – Early Blood Turnip Lettuce - Baby Oakleaf Melon - MN Midget Melon - Green Nutmeg Bush Bean – Soybean, Agate Onion - Prizetaker Leeks Melon - Noir des Carmes Watermelon - Moon & Stars Corn - Mandan Bride Pepper - Georgia Flame (hot) Melon - Early Silver Line Watermelon - Stone Mountain Corn - Roy's Calais Pepper - Beaver Dam (med) Melon - Healy's Pride Eggplant – Casper Pole Bean - Bountiful Melon - Prescott Fond Blanc Gourd – Martin House Pole Bean - Arikara Yellow Gourd – Kettle Pole Bean - Triumpho Violeta Flowers Greens – Georgia Southern Collard Sweet Pepper - Garden Sunshine Butterflyweed Marigold - Red Marietta Greens – Red Russian Kale Sweet Pepper - Tolli's Sweet Italian Cosmos - Sensation Mix Red Milkweed Herb - Summer Savory Radish - Pink Lady Slipper Drumstick Painted Tongue Herb - Greek Oregano Squash - Gill's Golden Pippin Kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate Historic Pansies Mix Herb - Globe Basil Squash - Sweet Fall Marigold - Starfire Signet Sunflower - Titan Herb - Rosemary Tomato - Nyagous (black) Lettuce - Three Heart Tomato - Lempon Drop Lettuce - Webb's Wonderful Tomato - Italian Heirloom Lettuce - Red Iceberg Tomato - Kanner Hoel (beefsteak) Lettuce - Mascara Tomato - Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry Lettuce - Lettuce Mix

The Seed Library Sign Up Form must be completed for each gardener planning to submit seeds. Please be sure to read the Safe Seed Pledge before signing. Seeds submitted without a Signed Safe Seed Pledge   on the Sign Up Form will not be added to the collection. All forms are also available for pick up at the library.

The Seed Donation Forms must be completed for each variety of seed the gardener is submitting. Please include as much information about seeds being donated as possible.  All forms are also available for pick up at the library.

Gardening Resources

This is the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ current List of Invasive Species. Please be sure to review this list before submitting any plants if you are unsure of their origin or status in PA. 

Additional information about Pennsylvania’s wild plants can be found on the DCNR Website.

How to Save Seeds is a handy guide for beginners and experienced gardeners alike on how to properly save your seeds. Although it was originally written for a seed library in New Jersey, the guide is easily adapted to our region.

Planning A Garden is another great resource for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Although it was originally written for New Jersey, the guide is easily adapted to our region. This booklet provides some great tips on how to plan your garden of any size.

This Garden Journal offers a great way to track in detail your garden and seed-saving journey. It contains guided fillable forms, as well as a wealth of links and resources to help track your garden.