Approximately 40,000 items, books, talking books, and DVDs are shelved in various collections: picture books, fiction, non-fiction, and reference in the Juvenile Section; fiction, non-fiction, reference, local history, and Large-Print in the Adult Section.

The Pennsylvania History Area contains state and local historical materials. A bibliography of pamphlets in the local history collection is available at the check-out desk.

The Audiovisual Collection includes materials for adults and children of all ages. There are over 600 DVDs on a wide range of topics including instruction, feature films, music and children’s stories. Other audio cassette materials include language instruction and a growing collection of audio books-on-tape, many of which are now in CD format.

Browse our Card Catalog online now! You can browse our selection, and renew and reserve materials from any device.


The Library receives over 30 magazines and 4 newspapers (Cameron County Echo, Bradford Era, Olean Times-Herald, and USA Today). Magazines are kept on file for three years. Available for usee is EBSCO, a comprehensive online periodical and reference database. The Library staff will assist you with EBSCO if you are not familiar with its use.

The Cameron County Press (from Jan 2, 1964 through Aug 12, 1971) and the Cameron County Echo (beginning 11/11/64 to present) as well as the Cameron County Endeavor (beginning April 12, 2003 to present) are on permanent file. The USA Today, Bradford Era, and Olean Times Herald are kept on file for six months.


Letter size (8 ½ x 11), legal size (8 ‘/2 x 14), and ledger size (11 x 17) copies as well as reduced or enlarged copies can be made of book pages and other materials for the public (subject to copyright restrictions). The fee is $0.25 per copy for 1 to 20 copies, price includes tax. Consult the copy fee schedule for greater quantities. Full color, duplex printing and other options available at no extra cost upon request.


The Library is now able to offer faxing services to the general public. Faxing costs are $2.00 for a single page fax, and $1.00 for each additional page being sent. The Library will not charge patrons for a fax cover sheet or a confirmation printout. All prices include tax.

Laminating Services

The Library also offer Laminating for pages up to 11×17. Cost is $0.75 for size 4×6 or smaller, $1.50 for sizes up to 8.5×11 (standard page size), and $2.00 for other sizes up to 11×17. Cold laminating available for delicate/heat sensitive documents. All prices include tax.


Books and periodicals (or photocopies) which are not in the library’s collection can often be borrowed from other libraries. Current best-sellers cannot be borrowed from other libraries. Be sure to ask about this important service.


Library resources provide answers to a wide variety of questions. You may phone the library at 486-8011 for answers to brief questions. The library subscribes to regularly updated publications such as the N.A.DA. Official Used Car Guide; Official Older Used Car Guide; and Motorcycle/Snowmobile/ATV/Personal Watercraft Appraisal Guide.


The Cameron County Public Library is unable to do genealogical research for individuals. However, the Library does have a small collection of local history materials including obituaries, cemetery records and local newspapers (beginning January 1964 to present) all of which may be researched during Library hours. Due to the fragile nature of the bound newspapers we cannot make photocopies from them.

For further help with genealogical research you may check our Links page and/or contact the Cameron County Historical Society, c/o Mrs. Sandra Hornung, 109 W. 5th Street Emporium, PA 15834.