This library celebrates Banned Books Week 2023 is Octpber 1-7. "Let Freedom Read."
Between September 25 and October 13, get “caught” checking out a banned book from our library and be instantly entered for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

A searchable list of Banned Books available in our library is shown below, sorted in alphabetical order by title. Selected new and surprising titles can be seen on the library’s catalog homepage at:

TitleCollectionCall No.Barcode
The 1619 Project : a new origin storyAdult Non-fiction (NF)973 H18011123494889.00
1984.Adult Fiction (FIC)F O79 Computer Room18011123547777.00
The Abominable Snowman of PasadenaChildren's Collection (C)JF PaperT 18463-15
The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian.Children's Collection (C)JF A384T 38734-15
Ace of spadesChildren's Collection (C)JF A14818011123502699.00
The adventures of Huckleberry FinnAdult Fiction (FIC)F COLLECTIONS T969 COMPUTER RM.T 9392-15
The adventures of Huckleberry FinnChildren's Collection (C)JF T969T 14561-15
Alice in Wonderland.Children's Collection (C)JF 1st. GradeT 31797
Alice in Wonderland, and Through the looking glassChildren's Collection (C)JF C319T 13999-15
All American boysChildren's Collection (C)JF R46318011123548601.00
All boys aren't blue : a memoir-manifestoChildren's Collection (C)JF J6718011123548650.00
The all new Captain Underpants extra-crunchy book o' fun 2.Children's Collection (C)JF P639T 27658
All quiet on the western front.Adult Fiction (FIC)F R384 WORKROOMT 11768-15
The amazing boneChildren's Collection (C)JF 2nd GradeT 25061-15
Amazing Grace.Children's Collection (C)JF 2nd GradeT 25002-15
And Tango makes threeChildren's Collection (C)JF 1ST GRADE18011123483361.00
Animal farmAdult Fiction (FIC)F O79 Computer RoomT 10824-15
Animal Farm.Adult Fiction (FIC)F O79 (COMPUTER ROOM)T 2225-15
AnimaliaChildren's Collection (C)JF 1st Grade18011123534643.00
Anne Frank : the diary of a young girlAdult Non-fiction (NF)940.54 FT 8202-15
Are you there God? It's me, MargaretChildren's Collection (C)JF B65818011123538503.00
As I lay dying : the corrected text .Adult Fiction (FIC)F F263 Computer RoomT 33798
Attack of the jack-o'-lanternsChildren's Collection (C)JF PaperT 19440-15
Attack of the mutant.Children's Collection (C)JF paperT 17314-15
The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.Adult Non-fiction (NF)92 F831T 7680
Bad Kitty does not like Valentine's DayChildren's Collection (C)JF 1ST GRADE (HOLIDAY SHELF)18011123515246.00
Bad Kitty does not like video gamesChildren's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE18011123464254.00
Bad Kitty drawn to troubleChildren's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE (GRAPHIC NOVEL)18011123516111.00
Bad Kitty gets a bathChildren's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE18011123477215.00
Bad Kitty goes on vacationChildren's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE18011123477645.00
Bad Kitty joins the teamChildren's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE18011123459882.00
Bad kitty meets the baby.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd Grade18011123542810.00
Bad Kitty, scaredy-catChildren's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE18011123453810.00
Bad Kitty school daze.Children's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE18011123453182.00
Bad Kitty searching for SantaChildren's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE HOLIDAY SHELF18011123473487.00
Bad Kitty. Super CatChildren's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE (GRAPHIC NOVEL)18011123517374.00
Bad Kitty vs. the babysitterChildren's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE (GRAPHIC NOVEL)18011123479096.00
Beach music.Adult Fiction (FIC)F C754T 18021-15
Beloved : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F M882T 10746-15
Beware, the snowmanChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 19724-15
Black Beauty.Children's Collection (C)JF S516 (WORKROOM)T 14496-15
Black Hawk down : a story of modern warAdult Non-fiction (NF)967.7305 BT 22776-15
The blob that ate everyoneChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 20193-15
BlubberChildren's Collection (C)JF B658T 13950-15
The bluest eye.Adult Fiction (FIC)F M88218011123533561.00
Born a crime : stories from a South African childhoodAdult Non-fiction (NF)92 N739T 50702
Brave new world; a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F H986b Computer RoomT 10154-15
Breaking dawnChildren's Collection (C)JF M613 C.2T 39596
Breaking dawnChildren's Collection (C)JF M613 WorkroomT 40502-15
Brideshead revisited; the sacred and profane memories of Captain Charles Ryder, a novel.Adult Fiction (FIC)F W354 Computer RoomT 11622-15
Bridge to Terabithia.Children's Collection (C)JF P296T 14420
Brother eagle, sister sky : a message from Chief SeattleChildren's Collection (C)JF 3rd Grade18011123545599.00
Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?Children's Collection (C)JF 1stT 25116-15
BurnedChildren's Collection (C)JF H793T 49613-15
Call me by your nameAdult Fiction (FIC)F A181T 52291
The call of the wild and White Fang.Adult Fiction (FIC)F L847 Computer RoomT 3634-15
Call us what we carry : poemsAdult Non-fiction (NF)811.6 G18011123493279.00
Calling all creepsChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 19638-15
Candide and other writings.Adult Non-fiction (NF)840.5 V935T 7287-15
The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey ChaucerChildren's Collection (C)J 821 H633cT 12622-15
Captain Underpants and the big, bad battle of the Bionic Booger Boy, part 1 : night of the nasty nostril nuggets : the sixth epic novelChildren's Collection (C)JF P639T 29268-15
Captain Underpants and the invasion of the incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies from outer space (and the subsequent assault of the equally evil lunchroom zombie nerds)Children's Collection (C)JF P639T 49401
Captain Underpants and the perilous plot of Professor Poopypants : the fourth epic novelChildren's Collection (C)JF P639T 45289-15
Captain Underpants and the revolting revenge of the radioactive robo-boxers : the tenth epic novel.Children's Collection (C)JF P639T 45791
Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-LotChildren's Collection (C)JF P639T 48994-15
Captain Underpants and the terrifying return of Tippy Tinkletrousers : the ninth epic novel.Children's Collection (C)JF P639T 45222-15
Captain Underpants and the tyrannical retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000 : the eleventh epic novel.Children's Collection (C)JF P639T 51317
Captain Underpants and the wrath of the wicked Wedgie Woman : the fifth epic novel. / 5.Children's Collection (C)JF P639T 26381-15
Carrie; [a novel of a girl with a frightening power.Adult Fiction (FIC)F K54T 28126-15
The cat in the hatChildren's Collection (C)JF 1stT 13288-15
Cat Kid Comic ClubChildren's Collection (C)JF P63918011123477090.00
Catch-22 : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F H477 COMPUTER ROOMT 39670
The catcher in the rye.Adult Fiction (FIC)F S165 Computer RoomT 11146-15
The catcher in the rye.Adult Fiction (FIC)F S165T 11147
Cat's Cradle.Adult Fiction (FIC)F PAPERBACK (COMPUTER ROOM)T 2210-15
Charlotte's webChildren's Collection (C)JF W583T 24010-15
Chicken chickenChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 19836-15
A child called "It" : one child's courage to surviveAdult Non-fiction (NF)92 P393T 41125
A child called "It" : one child's courage to surviveAdult Non-fiction (NF)92 P393T 46071-15
Children of blood and boneChildren's Collection (C)JF A23318011123477272.00
Clap when you landChildren's Collection (C)JF A17418011123469543.00
A clockwork orange : the restored editionAdult Fiction (FIC)F B95518011123480052.00
The color purple : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F W177 COMPUTER ROOMT 11593-15
A court of mist and furyAdult Fiction (FIC)F M11118011123496983.00
A court of thorns and rosesAdult Fiction (FIC)F M11118011123496975.00
CrankChildren's Collection (C)JF H793T 49612-15
Cujo.Adult Fiction (FIC)F K54T 10305-15
The curious incident of the dog in the night-timeAdult Fiction (FIC)F H127T 29267-15
The Da Vinci code : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F B877T 29430-15
The Da Vinci code : a novelLarge Print (LARGEPRINT)LPF B877T 31512-15
Destined.Adult Fiction (FIC)F C346T 51678
The diary of a young girl; the definitive edition.Adult Non-fiction (NF)940.53 F18011123537992.00
Doctor Zhivago.Adult Fiction (FIC)F P291 Computer RoomT 10857-15
Dog ManChildren's Collection (C)JF P63918011123547181.00
Dog Man : unleashedChildren's Collection (C)JF P639T 50575
Don't go to sleep.Children's Collection (C)JF paperT 20039-15
Don't you forget about me : a Gossip Girl novel.Children's Collection (C)JF V948T 43812-15
Dr. Maniac vs. Robby SchwartzChildren's Collection (C)JF S859T 40935-15
Draw me a star.Children's Collection (C)JF 1ST GRADET 1039-15
Eclipse.Children's Collection (C)JF M613T 39722-15
EclipseChildren's Collection (C)LPF JF M613 (WORK ROOM)T 40273-15
Egg monsters from MarsChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 18863-15
Eleanor & Park.Children's Collection (C)JF R881T 45862-15
Ender's gameChildren's Collection (C)JF C266T 46509-15
The epic tales of Captain Underpants. George and Harold's epic comix collectionChildren's Collection (C)JF 3RD GRADE18011123459791.00
Extremely loud & incredibly close.Adult Fiction (FIC)F F654T 44328
The face on the milk cartonChildren's Collection (C)JF C775T 23885-15
FadeAdult Fiction (FIC)F M657T 32128
Fahrenheit 451Adult Fiction (FIC)F Paperback WorkroomT 1994-15
Fahrenheit 451Adult Fiction (FIC)F B798 (WORKROOM)18011123513506.00
A farewell to arms.Adult Fiction (FIC)F H488 Computer RoomT 9956-15
The fellowship of the ring : being the first part of The lord of the rings.Adult Fiction (FIC)F T649 Computer RoomT 11486-15
The fellowship of the ring : being the first part of The lord of the rings.Adult Fiction (FIC)F T649 (COMPUTER ROOM)T 26082-15
Fifth-grade zombiesChildren's Collection (C)JF PAPER18011123488352.00
Fifty shades of Grey.Adult Fiction (FIC)F J2718011123451079.00
For whom the bell tollsAdult Fiction (FIC)F H488 Computer RoomT 71-15
For whom the bell tollsTrue Colors (TC)BOCF H488T 40570
Four hundred souls : a community history of African America, 1619-2019Adult Non-fiction (NF)973.049 K18011123476571.00
Frankenstein's dog.Children's Collection (C)JF paperT 46515-15
Gender queer : a memoirAdult Non-fiction (NF)306.768 K18011123548635.00
Genesis.Adult Non-fiction (NF)WORK ROOM 227 S842T 16511-15
Girl, interrupted.Adult Non-fiction (NF)92 K23T 24059-15
Girl with a pearl earringAdult Fiction (FIC)F C527T 25597-15
Girls like usAdult Fiction (FIC)F A39518011123451293.00
The giver.Children's Collection (C)JF L921T 16672-15
The giving tree.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rdT 13739-15
Glass.Children's Collection (C)JF H793T 38338
The glass castle : a memoirAdult Non-fiction (NF)362.82 W18011123530575.00
Go ask AliceAdult Non-fiction (NF)613.8 G573 (COMPUTER ROOM)T 5190-15
The golden compass.Children's Collection (C)JF P982T 18971
Gone girl : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F F648T 44976-15
Gone with the wind.Adult Fiction (FIC)F M682 COMPUTER ROOMT 10734-15
Good Girl, Bad BloodChildren's Collection (C)JF J1218011123486497.00
Goodnight moonChildren's Collection (C)JF 1st GradeT 25026-15
Goosebumps HorrorlandJF S859T 40934
The grapes of wrathAdult Fiction (FIC)F S819g Computer RoomT 11369-15
The grapes of wrath.Adult Fiction (FIC)F S819 WORKROOM SHELFT 2352-15
The great Gatsby.Adult Fiction (FIC)F F553 Computer RoomT 24419-15
The handmaid's taleAdult Fiction (FIC)F A887 (WORKROOM)T 50746
The handmaid's taleAdult Fiction (FIC)F A88718011123474642.00
The handmaid's tale, by Margaret Atwood.Reference (REF)Ref 813.54 Bouson, J.60100001427918.00
Harriet the spy.Children's Collection (C)JF F555T 14153-15
Harris and me : a summer rememberedChildren's Collection (C)JF P 332T 3492-15
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsChildren's Collection (C)JF R88318011123541275.00
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsChildren's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 23485-15
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows.Children's Collection (C)JF R883T 37906
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 37816
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 37817
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 37818
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 24530-15
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.Children's Collection (C)JF R883T 24631-15
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 26453-15
Harry Potter and the goblet of fireMedia (MEDIA)VIDEO #161 DVDT 35955-15
Harry Potter and the half-blood prince.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 32313-15
Harry Potter and the half-blood prince.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 32281-15
Harry Potter and the half-blood prince.Children's Collection (C)JF R883T 32280-15
Harry Potter and the half-blood prince.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 32282
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.Children's Collection (C)JF R88318011123546381.00
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 28038-15
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 WorkroomT 30185-15
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.Children's Collection (C)JF R883 Workroom18011123532704.00
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.Children's Collection (C)JF R88318011123532696.00
Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone.Children's Collection (C)JF R88318011123539329.00
Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone.Children's Collection (C)JF R883T 44913
The hate u giveChildren's Collection (C)JF T454T 53448
The haunterChildren's Collection (C)JF S859T 50232
The headless ghostChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 18462
Heads, you lose!Children's Collection (C)JF S859T 42877
Henry's freedom box.Children's Collection (C)JF 2ND GRADE18011123495035.00
Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments tr. out of the original tongues; with the former tr. diligently compared and rev. King James Version, a self-pronouncing edition with all the proper names divided into syllables accented and marked with thAdult Non-fiction (NF)WORK ROOM 220.5 BT 16502
Hop on pop.Children's Collection (C)JF 1stT 18277-15
How I got my shrunken head.Children's Collection (C)JF PaperbackT 18584-15
How I learned to flyChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 19817-15
How the word is passed : a reckoning with the history of slavery across AmericaAdult Non-fiction (NF)973.049 S18011123490366.00
How to be an antiracistAdult Non-fiction (NF)305.8 K18011123465913.00
The Hunger GamesChildren's Collection (C)JF C71318011123530104.00
The Hunger GamesChildren's Collection (C)JF C713 WorkroomT 44394
I am the LoraxChildren's Collection (C)JF 1ST GRADE (BOARD BOOK SHELF)18011123464866.00
I am your evil twin.Children's Collection (C)JF paperT 21630-15
I know why the caged bird sings.Adult Non-fiction (NF)92 A584T 7553-15
I like it like that : a Gossip Girl novelChildren's Collection (C)JF V948T 42278
I promiseChildren's Collection (C)JF 1ST GRADE18011123469147.00
I saw Esau; the schoolchild's pocket book.Children's Collection (C)J 821 IT 416-15
Identical.Children's Collection (C)JF H793T 39821
If I ran the zooChildren's Collection (C)JF 2nd Grade18011123546753.00
The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks.Adult Non-fiction (NF)92 L141T 41893-15
Impulse.Children's Collection (C)JF H793T 46180-15
In cold blood; a true account of a multiple murder and its consequences.Adult Non-fiction (NF)364.1 C246T 4661-15
In the night kitchenChildren's Collection (C)JF 1ST GRADE (WORKROOM)T 13121-15
An indigenous peoples' history of the United States for young peopleChildren's Collection (C)J 970.004 M18011123548627.00
Invisible man.Adult Fiction (FIC)F E47 Computer RoomT 37992
It came from beneath the sink!Children's Collection (C)JF paperT 17698-15
James and the Giant Peach.Children's Collection (C)JF D131 (WORKROOM)T 14090-15
Jane against the world : Roe v. Wade and the fight for reproductive rightsChildren's Collection (C)J 342.73 B18011123506872.00
Jaws.Adult Fiction (FIC)F B457 WORKROOMT 8828-15
Julie of the wolvesChildren's Collection (C)JF G347T 24713-15
Junie B., first grader : aloha-ha-ha!Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd. Grade18011123530757.00
Junie B., first grader : boo --and I mean it!Children's Collection (C)JF paperT 32709-15
Junie B., first grader : cheater pantsChildren's Collection (C)JF 3rd Grade18011123540038.00
Junie B., first grader : dumb bunny.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd. GradeT 35056
Junie B., first grader : jingle bells, Batman smells! (P.S. so does May)Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd. GradeT 33108-15
Junie B., first grader : one-man band.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd. GradeT 30681
Junie B., first grader : shipwrecked.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd. GradeT 30682-15
Junie B., first grader : toothless wonder.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd. GradeT 27772-15
Junie B. Jones and her big fat mouth.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd Grade18011123522366.00
Junie B. Jones and some sneaky peeky spying.Children's Collection (C)JF P235T 17553-15
Junie B. Jones and that meanie Jim's birthdayChildren's Collection (C)JF 3rd. grade18011123543297.00
Junie B. Jones and the mushy gushy valentime [i.e. valentine].Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd GradeT 23826-15
Junie B. Jones and the stupid smelly busChildren's Collection (C)JF 3rd gradeT 37985-15
Junie B. Jones and the yucky blucky fruitcake.Children's Collection (C)JF paperT 18830-15
Junie B. Jones has a monster under her bed.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd. GradeT 53905
Junie B. Jones has a peep in her pocket.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd Grade18011123531474.00
Junie B. Jones is a beauty shop guyChildren's Collection (C)JF 3rd. gradeT 21889-15
Junie B. Jones is a graduation girl.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd. grade18011123543602.00
Junie B. Jones is a party animal.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd GradeT 43446-15
Junie B. Jones is (almost) a flower girl.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd GradeT 23647-15
Junie B. Jones is Captain Field Day.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd GradeT 25346-15
Junie B. Jones is not a crook.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rdT 20506-15
Junie B. Jones is Not a CrookJF 3rd Gr.T 0020506
Junie B. Jones loves handsome Warren.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd GradeT 23769-15
Junie B. Jones smells something fishy.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd. gradeT 22560-15
Just listen : a novelChildren's Collection (C)JF D475T 34029-15
The kite runnerAdult Fiction (FIC)F H829 WorkroomT 31589
The kite runnerAdult Fiction (FIC)F H829T 38254
Lady Chatterley's lover.Adult Fiction (FIC)F L419 Computer RoomT 19317-15
Lawn boy.Children's Collection (C)JF P332T 37652-15
Lawn boy : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F E9318011123548619.00
Leaves of grass : the collected poems of Walt WhitmanAdult Non-fiction (NF)811.3 WT 7127-15
The lion, the witch and the wardrobe; a story for children.Children's Collection (C)JF L673T 14319-15
The lion, the witch and the wardrobe; a story for children.Children's Collection (C)JF L673 Workroom ShelfT 33202
Little legends : exceptional men in black historyChildren's Collection (C)J 920 H32218011123461342.00
Little shop of hamstersChildren's Collection (C)JF S859T 42876-15
Little WomenChildren's Collection (C)JF A355 (COMPUTER ROOM)T 16868-15
Looking for Alaska : a novelChildren's Collection (C)JF G796T 47371-15
The LoraxChildren's Collection (C)JF 1stT 13344
Lord of the flies.Adult Fiction (FIC)F G619l Computer RoomT 9816-15
The lovely bones : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F S443T 50874
Madame BovaryAdult Non-fiction (NF)840.8 F587mT 7288-15
Marked.Adult Fiction (FIC)F C346T 51670
The Master and MargaritaAdult Fiction (FIC)F B93318011123454198.00
Matilda.Children's Collection (C)JF D131T 14093-15
Matilda.Children's Collection (C)JF D131 (WORKROOM)T 14094
Maya AngelouChildren's Collection (C)J 92 A58418011123475698.00
Midnight in the garden of good and evil; a Savannah story.Adult Non-fiction (NF)364.1BT 18049-15
Misty's twilight.Children's Collection (C)JF H523T 527-15
Monster blood III.Children's Collection (C)JF PaperT 17591-15
My best friend is invisibleChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 20474-15
My friends call me monsterChildren's Collection (C)JF S859T 40937
My sister's keeper.Adult Fiction (FIC)F P599T 30142-15
The naked and the dead.Adult Fiction (FIC)F M219 Computer RoomT 10618-15
New kidChildren's Collection (C)JF C885 (GRAPHIC NOVEL)18011123478965.00
New moon.Children's Collection (C)JF M613 C.2T 39569
New moon.Children's Collection (C)JF M613 c.3 WorkroomT 40225
Nickel and dimed : on (not) getting by in AmericaAdult Non-fiction (NF)305.569 ET 39829
Nineteen eighty-fourAdult Fiction (FIC)F O79 Workroom18011123547785.00
Nineteen minutes : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F P59918011123531367.00
Nothing can keep us together : a Gossip Girl novel.Children's Collection (C)JF V948T 43813-15
Of mice and menAdult Fiction (FIC)F S819 Computer RoomT 11367-15
Oliver TwistAdult Fiction (FIC)F D548 Computer RoomT 9492-15
Olive's ocean.Children's Collection (C)JF H512T 29936
On the origin of species.Adult Non-fiction (NF)576.82 DT 40320
One flew over the cuckoo's nest.Adult Fiction (FIC)F PAPERBACK (WORKROOM)T 24213-15
Out of darknessChildren's Collection (C)JF P94418011123548643.00
The outsidersChildren's Collection (C)JF H666 (WORKROOM)T 14234-15
Patiently AliceChildren's Collection (C)JF N333T 28708
PerfectChildren's Collection (C)JF H793T 43802-15
The perks of being a wallflowerAdult Fiction (FIC)F C513T 45528-15
Phantom of the auditorium.Children's Collection (C)JF Paper.T 17169-15
Pillars of the earth.Adult Fiction (FIC)F F667 WORK ROOM18011123544436.00
A prayer for Owen Meany : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F I72T 10173-15
The prince of tides.Adult Fiction (FIC)F C754T 9256-15
Queer : the ultimate LGBTQ guide for teensChildren's Collection (C)J 306.76 B18011123456631.00
Rabbit, run.Adult Fiction (FIC)F U66 Computer RunT 11541-15
Red at the boneAdult Fiction (FIC)F W89818011123454412.00
The red badge of courage.Adult Fiction (FIC)F Paperback WorkroomT 2030-15
The return of the king; being the third part of The lord of the rings.Adult Fiction (FIC)F T649 Computer RoomT 11485-15
The return of the king; being the third part of The lord of the rings.Adult Fiction (FIC)F T649 (COMPUTER ROOM)T 26083-15
Revenge of the lawn gnomesChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 18043-15
Roll of thunder, hear my cry.Children's Collection (C)JF T244T 14555-15
The satanic versesAdult Fiction (FIC)F R953T 11133-15
Say cheese and die--again!Children's Collection (C)JF PaperT 18740-15
The scarlet letter.Adult Fiction (FIC)F H399 Computer RoomT 9942-15
Scary stories to tell in the dark : three books to chill your bonesChildren's Collection (C)JF S39918011123455054.00
The scream of the haunted mask.Children's Collection (C)JF S859T 40934-15
A shocker on Shock StreetChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 18211-15
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens agendaChildren's Collection (C)JF A333T 52642
Skeleton crew.Adult Fiction (FIC)F K54T 10292-15
Skippyjon Jones Cirque de Olé.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd GradeT 45623-15
Skippyjon Jones : lost in spice.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd Grade18011123544931.00
Skippyjon Jones snow what.Children's Collection (C)JF 3rd. GradeT 48090-15
Slaughterhouse-five; or, The children's crusade, a duty-dance with death.Adult Fiction (FIC)F V947T 11583
The snowy day.Children's Collection (C)JF 2ndT 20717-15
Sons and lovers.Adult Fiction (FIC)F L419s Computer RoomT 10389-15
Sophie's choice.Adult Fiction (FIC)F S938T 11434-15
The spooky tale of Captain Underpants : the horrifyingly haunted Hack-a-weenChildren's Collection (C)JF P639 HOLIDAY SHELF/GRAPHIC NOVEL18011123470814.00
Stamped : racism, antiracism, and youChildren's Collection (C)J 305.8 R18011123463926.00
Stay out of the basement.Children's Collection (C)JF PaperbackT 43985
The story of Ruby BridgesChildren's Collection (C)J 92 B851T 34627
Strega Nona's giftChildren's Collection (C)JF 3rd Grade HOLIDAY SHELFT 44077-15
A study in scarlet and The hound of the Baskervilles.Adult Fiction (FIC)F D754 COMPUTER ROOM18011123496819.00
Summer of my German soldier.Children's Collection (C)JF paperT 1417-15
A taste of Chaucer; selections from the Canterbury tales.Adult Non-fiction (NF)821 C491T 7236-15
The tenth circle.Adult Fiction (FIC)F P599T 33394
Th1rteen r3asons whyChildren's Collection (C)JF A825T 43449-15
The Complete MausChildren's Collection (C)J 940.531 S18011123502012.00
They both die at the endChildren's Collection (C)JF S587T 52095
This day in JuneChildren's Collection (C)JF 1ST GRADE18011123483346.00
Tilt.Children's Collection (C)JF H793T 45287
A time to kill.Adult Fiction (FIC)F G869T 3479-15
To kill a mockingbird.Adult Fiction (FIC)F L478 COMPUTER ROOMT 10400-15
To kill a mockingbird.Adult Fiction (FIC)F L478 (COMPUTER ROOM)T 10401-15
Triangles : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F H793T 43925-15
Tricks.Children's Collection (C)JF H793T 41259
Tweak : (growing up on methamphetamines)Children's Collection (C)J 362.29 ST 38913
Tweak : (growing up on methamphetamines)Adult Non-fiction (NF)362.29ST 53833
Twilight.Children's Collection (C)JF M613T 39564
TwilightChildren's Collection (C)JF H945T 42111
Twilight.Children's Collection (C)JF M61318011123496660.00
Twilight [Large print]Large Print (LARGEPRINT)LPF JF M613T 44475-15
The two towers : being the second part of The lord of the ringsAdult Fiction (FIC)F T649 Computer RoomT 11487-15
The two towers : being the second part of The lord of the ringsAdult Fiction (FIC)F T649 (COMPUTER ROOM)T 26688-15
The ultimate hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.Adult Fiction (FIC)F A211T 48056-15
Ulysses.Adult Fiction (FIC)F J89 Computer RoomT 10222-15
Uncle Tom's cabin.Adult Fiction (FIC)F S892 Computer RoomT 11410-15
Vampire breathChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 19564-15
Walter the farting dog : banned from the beachChildren's Collection (C)JF 1st Grade18011123532589.00
Water for elephants : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F G886T 34026-15
Water for elephants [Large print]Large Print (LARGEPRINT)LPF G886T 43549
Welcome to Camp NightmareChildren's Collection (C)JF S859T 42875-15
Welcome to dead houseChildren's Collection (C)JF S859T 42874
Werewolf skinChildren's Collection (C)JF paperT 20675-15
The What's happening to my body? book for boys : a growing up guide for parents and sonsAdult Non-fiction (NF)612.66 MT 5149-15
Where the sidewalk ends : the poems & drawings of Shel Silverstein.Children's Collection (C)J 811 ST 12593-15
Where the sidewalk ends : the poems & drawings of Shel Silverstein.Children's Collection (C)J 811.5 ST 39805
Where the wild things are.Children's Collection (C)JF 1st18011123531524.00
Who's your mummy?Children's Collection (C)JF S859T 40936
Wicked : the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West : a novelAdult Fiction (FIC)F M213T 42095-15
The witches.Children's Collection (C)JF D131T 14091-15
The wonderful Wizard of OzChildren's Collection (C)JF B347T 21619-15
The wonderful Wizard of OzChildren's Collection (C)JF B34718011123450154.00
A wrinkle in timeChildren's Collection (C)JF L566T 52855
The you I've never knownChildren's Collection (C)JF H793T 50776