The Seed Library, located inside the library, is now fully functioning. We have a selection of seeds and are ready to accept seed donations from proficient area gardeners.

Seeds are available for “checkout” with your library card though there is no need to return them.

A full list of seeds, as well as details on how to donate seeds can be found on our Seed Library Page. Simply jot down which seeds you would like, or grab a list inside the library, and hand it to library staff who will pull your seed packs for you.

Please keep in mind that as this is a COMPLETELY FREE SERVICE we cannot guarantee seed quantity, germination success, or availability. All seed varieties will be available until we run out. But don’t fret as we will continue to resupply the Seed Library for as long as you, our patrons, use it.

Plants fall out of opened library card catalog drawers.  Image represents library's Seed Library.
Visit our Seed Library today by clicking the photo!


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